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ski in, marriage out

Thinking of winter weddings and watching the latest snow storm hit Holland, I got to thinking more about winter destination weddings.. the cold kind.  I started talking to a friend of mine who is a big skier and definitely a ‘winter girl’.  She had this to say:

“I’d love a winter wedding!  Imagine skiing all week with all your friends, having coffee in the brilliant sun sitting outside in the rockies, restaurant hopping all week to all the gourmet restaurants in your mountain town, and holding the peace of the mountains along with the love of your life!”

Choosing where to go would be the hardest part.  Favorite destinations:

Park City – Perhaps it’s the magic of Sundance, but I love this mountain town.  It’s easy to get around, has great restaurants and easy skiing to great resorts.  Deer Valley is always a good bet no matter the snow conditions.  The funny thing was coming across this celebrity wedding at the Stein Erickson Lodge, yet all the pictures could place this wedding anywhere in any season.

Big Sky – talk about getting away from it all.. you might be the only people there, your wedding party the only party on the mountain.  Great snow here and lots of snuggling opportunities.

Banff – quaint little town with fun shopping in British Columbia.  I’ve only visited in the fall but revel in the aquamarine color of the glaciers and the beauty of the rugged landscape.  There’s so much to do here and I can’t wait to visit in the winter!

Telluride – Great vistas, great natural places to hold a quick ceremony, fabulous restaurants, great peace, and hands down the best skiing anywhere.

Most of these resorts have wedding planners to make everything easy and perfect.


healthy winter weddings

After surviving a tough winter cold already this season, it made me think about winter special events and how getting ill could ruin a special day.  It’s one thing to be sick attending an event, it’s quite another to be the center of attention and worse, having several photographs taken of you sniffling, dripping, and chapping.

I like the advice Prevention gives in an older article to help prevent getting ill:

  • Flick switches with the side of your hand or wrist, which makes you less likely to pick up or pass along germs on your hands
  • Make all calls on your cell to avoid getting germs from other phones.
  • Carry your own pen everywhere. Borrowing others’ is a prime way to pass germs.
  • Clean up often. Use a soapy sponge to wipe surfaces you touch frequently.
  • Sneeze into your elbow if you’re caught without a tissue (and teach kids to do the same). It keeps germs off your hands
  • Toss all tissues promptly. Making others do it puts them at risk.

While obvious, you’d be surprised how many don’t regularly follow this advice or live with this level of cleanliness.  I also recommend using a couple of great homeopathic remedies to keep illness away should you feel it knocking on your door.

I also came across this article on what to do for certain ailments on the big day..

I’ve been doing lots of beading otherwise when not visiting family, driving to and from family, and enjoying the company of our latest exchange student.  I thought I’d share these interesting article finds over the next few weeks before I reveal more!

Have a great day!