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these boots were made for walkin’

I woke up to freezing rain this morning, the crux of winter having already arrived in my part of the world and I’m breaking out of storage varying jackets for my different party outfits this season.

Sure it’s easy to pair an existing winter jacket to various outfits.  You could make an almost matching jacket work and no one would barely notice.. but what if you were the center of attention?  I did some web searching on how brides could stay warm and found the typical things: capes, mufflers, shawls,  wraps, arm gloves, long silk underwear, boots, and extra sewn in layers for the dress.

As a bride you want to look gorgeous and unencumbered by heavy jackets or layers that’ll make you too hot once at your reception.  As a bride, you want to choose the dress you want regardless of the season, not necessarily to be cornered into a ‘winter bridal gown‘.

My favorite option and one I use for spring and fall parties, is to just make sure my feet are warm.  If your feet are warm, you can almost wear anything on top.  Boots can be hidden underneath a full length gown, or brilliantly purposely displayed with shorter dresses; modern or more traditional.   They are practical enough to keep on for the entire wedding day or to be replaced by pumps once inside the reception.

Check this bridal party out!  Sassy!

My favorite idea is the most practical and that is to buy an awesome pair of boots you will wear and wear again.  Perhaps you wouldn’t normally splurge $800 or more on fabulous winter knee high boots, but for your wedding you would!  What a treat to wear your wedding boots for the decade of your honeymooning phase! (my favorites are the paisley ones below!  Of course I’m an 80’s girl 🙂