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I love the look of winter and how clean and beautiful the landscape is early in the season.  Everything is white, pure, and fresh.  For sure you don’t need to think about how you’ll keep warm unless you choose such a venue as (the above).

Your first priority and thoughts are of course to yourself and the groom and how you’ll treasure the moment of your vows.  But what about the freezing guests?


I found this little blog on winter weddings that I really likes.. practical tips here along with a surefire way to please guests: outdoor heaters.

In the blog there is the idea of providing a take-away stole for all the guests  though this is a little extravagant.  For special guests, providing something sweet and nice that can be worn again would be a nice little treat.   I found these great little felted wool beads that I’ve used like this:

They’re fun, colorful, and warm.


staying warm

With an impending blizzard on the eve of this post, I clearly had to admit that wearing warm boots is not always enough to stay warm on a typical Michigan winter day.

For your winter wedding day of course, you only need a little something to dash in-between venues, but why not go all out?  Why settle for that winter coat you wore last year.. or the ski jacket you bought to match your Vokls?  If you don’t have a fur suitable for your dress, and an aunt or friend can not lend something old or something borrowed, consider renting one for the weekend.

Right in western Michigan there are a few places that offer such grand options for the winter bride.  Check out September Bride downtown Holland for their selection of faux furs available for renting.  Craig’s list is a good resource too.   I found this and this just today for sale.

There is of course David Nolten furs on River Avenue and don’t forget about the Kerstmarkt at the Civic Center – there is a great local furrier that keeps a booth there year after year with many gorgeous accessories for a winter bride.. or anyone on your Christmas shopping list.

falling in love

I wanted to create a piece that makes you feel relaxed yet giddy, at peace yet excited.. I wanted to work with colors to evoke these feelings yet be a wearable piece that is casual or elegantly displayed.

I took a walk near my home like I always do yet could hardly keep my eyes focused ahead as the changing light and fall colors created a warm glow and amused my eyes with various shades of a turning season.

When I came home, I started beading.. and here it is..















I call it, Fall in Love using colors of my favorite season.  I just finished matching earrings too:

falling in love