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NYC and matching jewels

I’m starting to lose count as to how many NYC and Chicago architectural tours we’ve taken this summer.   To quote a friend of mine, “They’ll never know what they aren’t missing”

Here I am pictured in the lovely central park downtown NYC.  Like always I’m wearing one of my favorite pieces carefully coordinated to my outfit.  I’m thankful I decided to match *small* jewelry to every outfit verses shoes.  Could you imagine the collection I’d have?


next year for Bastille Day?!

Check out these gorgeous outrageous outfits for Bastille Day celebrations in France!  I would have loved to be commissioned to make a few necklaces and matching ensembles for these dresses!

Perhaps my new friends Frances will ask for next year!


my new Etsy store

I’ve opened a new Etsy store to make it easier for you to find me!  The link along the right side and of course this one will take you there!

Search for me under “jennysjewels” – you’ll be looking for user, jennysjewelsHOLLAND and for a store front that looks a little like this:

I’ll post more necklaces, bracelets, and earrings as I create them for easy purchase by you in between my home shows.  Of course, for custom pieces, please contact me direct or through Etsy.

new Etsy store!

I’m so excited to open a new store on-line with Etsy!

I’m currently selling three new necklace and earring sets there.   I’m  also trying to figure out how to show you pictures on my blog sidebar.. so far just the links are on your right, but I’m working on it.

my vacation

Guess where this location is?