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hurry up

There’s one thing about weddings that amaze me, and that’s the time it takes to plan a wedding.   I think about all the events I’m a part of and have put on over the years, and while it’s nice to start thinking about the event a year in advance, the planning starts much closer to the date.  Why can’t weddings be the same?

The biggest thing is getting your friends and family there, thus securing a date by finding a location that can fit within your timing in the biggest hurdle.  Consider non typical venues such as casual restaurant who might be thrilled to rent you their space on an ‘off night’.  Consider an art gallery who might clear all but their walls for a small fee allowing a nearby restaurant to cater.  Tents are available for rent year round and can offer a unique created space most anywhere you could plunk one.

Now, getting those invitations out can be another whole ordeal..  You’ll want just the right design and color combo to suit your big day and the theme you’ve yet to create.   Surely you could find something at a place like this: Paper-source that is already designed and quick for the store to execute.

Jewelry is a whole other matter as it could take weeks to discover just what you’ve been dreaming of.   If you’re lucky, you will come across someone who can design and integrate your color choices quickly into stunning unique wedding day, wedding weekend, and honeymoon wear.

Yeah, I could do that! :~)

Destination weddings are my most favorite and I especially love those where travel to another country is involved.  Let your destination take care of all the details!  Sure, not everyone will be able to come, but what a great gift to have them present and sharing in this very special moment of your life.

Here is an article I found on such quick planning that might be helpful to you.