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bead workshop

I hosted a beading workshop last week at my home.  I love teaching others how to bead and watching which combination of colors and beads they choose for themselves.  It helps me when creating for shows and when shopping for beads.

Here is what we created Wednesday: click any photo for larger view!

Just look at the expertise in this wire wrapping:


Would you like to host a bead workshop?  Send me a note and let’s talk about what that could look like.  So many options!


fan photos

I put so much love and attention into each one of my pieces, so when I get a photo of someone wearing my jewelry, it makes me soooo happy.

This one taken on the shore of Lake Michigan this summer.  Thanks for sharing Jenn!

Did someone happen to take a photo of you while you were wearing one of my pieces?  I’d love to see it!  If you send to me, let me know if I can feature you on my blog. 🙂

get ready for party season

with a necklace perfect for that little black dress!  At least that’s what I’m wearing with these:

new Etsy store!

I’m so excited to open a new store on-line with Etsy!

I’m currently selling three new necklace and earring sets there.   I’m  also trying to figure out how to show you pictures on my blog sidebar.. so far just the links are on your right, but I’m working on it.

match your outfit

In case you don’t know yet, I started making jewelry simply to match my outfits.  While I can always find cute earrings when shopping about, they do not always compliment my outfits as I wished they might.  Wha la.. unique jewelry that goes perfectly with my coat, dress, shirt, etc..

It’s fun to make my every day special.  It’s my way of pampering myself.  When was the last time you pampered yourself?

I created several pairs of earrings this week.  I wanted just the right pair of earrings to go with a new blue sweater (that looks a lot like this), so I made a few pair to match.

Then as I was paging through one of my favorite catalogs, I spied some items I should have and made matching jewelry sets..

In other news, a gallery in Naples, Florida is featuring my jewelry!

falling in love

I wanted to create a piece that makes you feel relaxed yet giddy, at peace yet excited.. I wanted to work with colors to evoke these feelings yet be a wearable piece that is casual or elegantly displayed.

I took a walk near my home like I always do yet could hardly keep my eyes focused ahead as the changing light and fall colors created a warm glow and amused my eyes with various shades of a turning season.

When I came home, I started beading.. and here it is..















I call it, Fall in Love using colors of my favorite season.  I just finished matching earrings too:

falling in love