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This is where I’ll post from time to time to share what’s going on with me, to show you the new jewelry designs I’ve created, and the like.

get ready for party season

with a necklace perfect for that little black dress!  At least that’s what I’m wearing with these:


new necklace

Our week at Sail View was so relaxing.  I love that we can hear the waves reach the shore and casually glance out the window to see Lake Michigan.  It’s such a treat.

I also did some beading!   I spent four hours piecing these together.  The necklace has seven strands while the bracelet, five.  The most fun was choosing the beads for each.   Viola:  here they are:

my new Etsy store

I’ve opened a new Etsy store to make it easier for you to find me!  The link along the right side and of course this one will take you there!

Search for me under “jennysjewels” – you’ll be looking for user, jennysjewelsHOLLAND and for a store front that looks a little like this:

I’ll post more necklaces, bracelets, and earrings as I create them for easy purchase by you in between my home shows.  Of course, for custom pieces, please contact me direct or through Etsy.

the new necklace

I wanted to tell you more about this new necklace I premiered at my show a couple weeks ago.  It started out as a whimsical piece I could wear as I wondered what to do with all my remaining mismatched beads.  As you can see with my necklaces and bracelets, my necklaces are very symmetrical and inevitably I have left over beads.

Well, this necklace was so popular that I have been asked to make more!  I now have a fun new task of acquiring new single beads for this latest design!

Here is a close-up:

new Etsy store!

I’m so excited to open a new store on-line with Etsy!

I’m currently selling three new necklace and earring sets there.   I’m  also trying to figure out how to show you pictures on my blog sidebar.. so far just the links are on your right, but I’m working on it.

my vacation

Guess where this location is?

great finds

As many of you know, I just returned from one of my favorite places.  Of course I don’t let a visit like this slow down my freebeading!    Great finds and inspiration foretelling great things to come!