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been beading..

Beading and traveling and beading some more!

I’ve been working hard as I hope to announce the date of a holiday soon.


Stay tuned!


Chihuly exhibt!

My husband and I spent a wonderful afternoon touring the Chihuly Exhibit at the Frederick Meyer Gardens.  We loved it so much, we decided to become members!

Check out my pictures below.  The Autumn plants made for a stunning background of Chihuly’s work.  Oh and yes, that is a necklace made by Jenny’s Jewels!  Click on any photo to view it larger.

fan photos

I put so much love and attention into each one of my pieces, so when I get a photo of someone wearing my jewelry, it makes me soooo happy.

This one taken on the shore of Lake Michigan this summer.  Thanks for sharing Jenn!

Did someone happen to take a photo of you while you were wearing one of my pieces?  I’d love to see it!  If you send to me, let me know if I can feature you on my blog. 🙂

NYC and matching jewels

I’m starting to lose count as to how many NYC and Chicago architectural tours we’ve taken this summer.   To quote a friend of mine, “They’ll never know what they aren’t missing”

Here I am pictured in the lovely central park downtown NYC.  Like always I’m wearing one of my favorite pieces carefully coordinated to my outfit.  I’m thankful I decided to match *small* jewelry to every outfit verses shoes.  Could you imagine the collection I’d have?

hmmmm, shoes..

Don’t even ask how I came across this crazy blog with the most funny and amazing shoes.  As you know I create unique jewelry to match outfits and these shoes are giving me great inspiration!

While these heels are completely impractical, perhaps my husband wouldn’t mind these little slip-ons..

healthy winter weddings

After surviving a tough winter cold already this season, it made me think about winter special events and how getting ill could ruin a special day.  It’s one thing to be sick attending an event, it’s quite another to be the center of attention and worse, having several photographs taken of you sniffling, dripping, and chapping.

I like the advice Prevention gives in an older article to help prevent getting ill:

  • Flick switches with the side of your hand or wrist, which makes you less likely to pick up or pass along germs on your hands
  • Make all calls on your cell to avoid getting germs from other phones.
  • Carry your own pen everywhere. Borrowing others’ is a prime way to pass germs.
  • Clean up often. Use a soapy sponge to wipe surfaces you touch frequently.
  • Sneeze into your elbow if you’re caught without a tissue (and teach kids to do the same). It keeps germs off your hands
  • Toss all tissues promptly. Making others do it puts them at risk.

While obvious, you’d be surprised how many don’t regularly follow this advice or live with this level of cleanliness.  I also recommend using a couple of great homeopathic remedies to keep illness away should you feel it knocking on your door.

I also came across this article on what to do for certain ailments on the big day..

I’ve been doing lots of beading otherwise when not visiting family, driving to and from family, and enjoying the company of our latest exchange student.  I thought I’d share these interesting article finds over the next few weeks before I reveal more!

Have a great day!

Holiday Hosting


Oh my gosh–I have 7 house guests coming for Thanksgiving, but staying 3 nights/4 days!  What to wear, what to eat, where will they sleep?!  My friend gave me a wonderful recipe for Autumn Bisque, but that doesn’t work for every meal.  I’m thinking about serving pieces, tablecloths/linens, and now table decorations.  The table setting appearance is critical for this holiday–my guests expectations are high.  Or so I think.

I love this table, the white tablecloth is bright and cheery.  The turkey looks delicious!  But the one thing I’m missing here are napkin rings.  Always big on them!  Gives me an idea for my beading!cool holiday dining table










Image source: Steven Randazzo, Country living.